Twinscrew Compounder CT

The Twin Screw Compounder Type CT incorporates a number of distinquishing technical features:

  • co-rotating self cleaning screws
  • unit construction system of screws and barrels and therefore easy adaptation to all kind of processes
  • High torque
  • Screw speeds up to 900¹/min (1.200 ¹/min)
  • Intensive cooling of the barrels
  • Use of different construction materials for screws and barrels starting with nitrided steel, chromium steels up to powder metal HIP materials
  • Use of special screw elements for intensive mixing
    by low shear and temperature
  • Use of AC and DC drives to customers specification
  • CT-VISICONTROL for the control and visualising of the complete line.
Technical Specifications Twin Screw Compounder CT
Technical Specifications CT.pdf
PDF-Dokument [148.7 KB]