MasterClean - the most ecological and efficient cleaning device!

MasterClean 95 Standard

The MasterClean pressure blasting machine removes even solid contamination by plastic mass on extruders, compounding screws or screws of injection moulding machines, jaw plates or sieves of sieve changer, degassing domes / inserts or any kind of nozzles by a gentle and absolutely non-abrasive way.


MasterClean works on principle of direct acceleration of blasting material in pressure circuit. This principle allows a highly effective cleaning process.

MasterClean 95 Automatic

The high efficiency of the MasterClean pressure blasting machine and specifically developed blasting material enable dry cleaning without any damages to edges, engravings and surfaces - absolutely environmentally friendly!

Automatically cleaning process

The cyclone system, specifically developed for MasterClean models, and following rough and fine filter systems guarantee the maximum utilisation factor of blasting material. The separated, cleaned material will be recycled at coordinated intervals into the pressure tank and thus into the continuous cleaning process.


The MasterClean blasting machine is developed applying the newest technology and guarantees thus an excellent performance at small maintenance and running costs.