Additional Components

Twin Screw Side feeder type CTSF 75

CTSF Twin Screw Side-Feeder


The CTSF Twin Screw Side-Feeder serves for feeding the Compounder with powdery, granular or fibrous additives, which are incorporated into the melt. This lateral extension can be fitted to any chosen barrel section position of the processing unit.


The CTSF Twin Screw Side-Feeder is mounted on a mobile frame. Drive is by a frequency controlled 3 phase motor with distribution gearbox.


The screw cylinder is of 8D.

It has a 4D long rectangular feed opening and a rectangular stainless steel feed pipe.
Subject to the raw-material to be conveyed, the cylinder is of hard-wearing material.


The screws are solid and have been produced from wear-resistant steel.

Technical Specifications CTSF
Technical Specifications CTSF.pdf
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