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Assembling facilities

HP Compounding Technology was founded 1993.


Since then HPCT's team of experts in the fields of mechanical engineering, assembly, electronics, process technology,design and after sales, have developed and built the co-rotating Twin Screw Compounder Typ CT.

HP Compounding Technology supplies turn-key compounding plants, a world wide spare part service and special components.


In addition, HP Compounding Technology can supply individual products and specialist technology for processes such as:


  • General Compounding e.g. Filling, Reinforcing and Alloying of plastic material
  • Production of high concentrate pigment or additive Masterbatch
  • Degassing and Pelletising of all kind of plastic materials
  • Recycling of all kind of plastics to high quality products
  • Compounding of thermosets e.g. Powder Coating, Toner and Thermosetting Plastic
  • Production of biodegradable Polymers
  • Compounding of Wood-Plastic-Composite and other natural fibres
    Wood Compounder
  • Reactive Extrusion
  • Compounding of engineering plastic like PPS, PEEK etc.
  • Production of high filled compounds
  • Compounding and extrusion of PET, PPS monofilaments
  • Compounding with direct extrusion to profiles, sheets etc.
  • Compounding of food and chemical products